• JJ & Michelle

There's A New Potato Chip In Town

THESE CHIPS! Michelle and I first discovered these while on vacation driving through Door County, WI. We made a pit stop as you often do on a road trip and get some snacks. Normally, Sour Cream and Onion Pringles are tradition, but on this day we broke with tradition and tried something new and we are so glad we did.

Almost instantly Michelle, a.k.a. "The Navigator" jumped on her phone and looked to see where she could get them back home in Wichita. None of the grocery stores had them, so then she checked Amazon. Amazon had em, but WOW, that's a lot for potato chips.

Well, good news! Just a couple months later, our local stores DO HAVE THEM. We saw them at Dillon's. Admittedly, we didn't buy them because they were Non-GMO, we don't pay to much attention to that, but if YOU do, these are a win. Super flavorful, great balance, little bit of heat. If you are having a Thai craving itch that needs to be scratched, these will do the trick. LOVE THEM! Red Rock Deli chips.



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