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Nacho Regular Nachos

Okay, the "Big Game" is almost here and this Sunday is the 2nd biggest eating day in the United States, surpassed only by Thanksgiving. Quite honestly, between this Sunday, Girl Scout Cookies, and Mardi Gras, it's no damn wonder we can't stick to our weight loss resolutions. Well, be warned, this recipe is not going to help

Michelle and I first had "Tot-Chos" at a movie theater here in Wichita and it was life changing. All your favorite toppings:



-Green Onions

-Hamburger (or your meat of choice). Just cook it with a packet of taco seasoning.




Basically, whatever you like on your nachos, put it on the tots. The world is your Tothcos. It's basically a blank canvas. Just prepare the tots as instructed on the bag, then top them, layer them and bake or (if you're in a hurry) microwave them to melt the cheese. Look there is only so much time before kick off, am I right?

Don't stop there. If you don't have tots, but have some krinkle fries...BOOM..."Fry-chos". Okay, at this point I feel like we're just making words up, but it's all in the name of football snacks. Same rules apply, favorite toppings + cheese + melt = NOM NOM!

So, what are you waiting for? This is a recipe the whole family can have fun making. So, go play with your food and enjoy the game.

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