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Molino's Taqueria

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

2035 N Rock Rd #114, Wichita, KS 67206


We are going to start by sharing a little about Michelle. 99% of the time, Michelle IS NOT a fan of places where you have to stand in line, then at the counter, look at this huge menu and make a decision. Usually, there is a line of people behind you and you feel rushed. The pressure builds, you feel panic set it, we liken this ordering process to what it must feel like to defuse a bomb.

Then there's Molino's Taqueria. Molino's has figured this process out. Yes, you still have to stand in line, yes you still look at a board to order, but here's where it's NOT like defusing a bomb. The Menu is just right. You feel there are enough choices but its not too overwhelming. The font is big enough so that your eyes don't have any trouble picking what it is you want. Then when you round the corner to order, you are greeted by friendly, fast service. However, if they see you're having trouble making up your mind, they help you along and answer any questions you may have. You are so comfortable in the ordering process you remain calm despite those waiting to order

Michelle and I both ordered the street tacos. I had corn tortillas, Michelle had flour (they make those fresh by the way). We chose out meat, then our toppings, our side, made it a combo and paid. Here's what we loved:

The roasted corn Pico on the tacos and the Elote on the side is AMAZING. The Pico has the smokiness and sweetness you'd expect and the Elote was creamy and sweet and just spicy enough to make you want to fall into a giant vat of this stuff and eat your way out. On my tacos , I had Chicken and Asada but the real star was the Pork Carnitas. Tender, juicy, give me more. Michelle had the Al pastor and the shrimp, a little surf and turf action for lunch. Oh, and be sure to put some of the pickled habanero-onion on your tacos. Keep that coming all day long.

Another fun part of our Molino's experience was the salsa bar. A variety of salsas plus fresh cilantro for that perfect finishing touch. The beverage selection was your typical soda, water, tea array. Certainly no need to reinvent the wheel there.

If we were to pick a couple of downsides, for Michelle it was the flour tortillas. There were thin and messy. For me, the bathroom could have been a bit cleaner. With that said, this is not going to stop us from going back. Great spot for a quality, quick bite that is priced like fast food but it is so much better than fast food.

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