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Cabernet Portabello Mushrooms

Never throw away the grocery store magazines and flyers they send you or the monthly magazine from Costco. In there are some easy, hidden recipe gems that anyone can make. Our grocery store, Dillon's, sent us this one in the mail. It was originally a recipe to use the portabello mushroom caps as the burger patty, and ciabatta as the bun. We decided to skip the bread (and the carbs, which is soooooo damn hard be ciabatta is really good), and make this a main dish built on a bed of arugula. The end result was a little acidic, a little peppery and full of flavor. One thing we didn't do, that would have maybe made the texture more interesting, is put some nuts on it. Maybe some almonds, walnuts, roasted pine nuts or sunflower seeds. Enjoy


-4 Portabello mushroom caps rinsed and patted dry

-1 Cup of Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine Vinegar

-4 Ciabatta buns or 8 slices of Ciabatta bread

-4 cups of Baby Arugula

-1 jar of Roasted Red Peppers

-4 Tbsp of Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

-1 4oz. package of Goat Cheese (softened and crumbled)


-In a large, gallon Ziploc combine mushrooms and vinegar. Let marinade 30 minutes to an hour in the refrigerator

-Pre heat grill to medium high, (reserve marinade in bag) place mushroom rounded side down and grill 3-5 minutes, basting with some of the marinade

-Flip, grill other side for 3-5 minutes and baste.

-Flip one more time, grill 3-5 minutes, baste and remove

-If using the Ciabatta, grill the buns/bread to desired char

-Assemble Arugula, mushroom, pesto, pepper, cheese


-One small tweak we are going to try next time is take some of the remaining marinade, add some brown sugar and maybe a little water or stock and reduce it down into a sauce to pour over the top. We felt it was missing that.


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