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A Farmers Market Inspired Menu

Updated: May 25, 2020

Today, Michelle and I went to the Old Town Farmer's Market-Winter Market located indoors at WAVE in Wichita. While we had been to this Farmers Market and the one in West Wichita when it is outdoors in spring, summer and fall, this was our first time venturing indoors, and we loved what we found. So much so, that we were inspired to create our weekly menu around our purchases.

First on the menu is a Golden Milk Risotto, inspired by one of our favorite risottos, Khao Soi Risotto. Think of Golden Milk, when made with coconut milk, as sort of a liquid curry. If you love Chai, you'll love this just as much. The Golden Milk comes from Leaf & Stone Apothecary This was just one of the many fragrant, good for the body and soul items they had at their booth.

Next, we decided to take Honey Glazed Chicken up a level. We found this really decadent honey from Juniper Clay Canning Company. This would be amazing in tea, coffee, on toast with butter, in oatmeal, you get the idea. We decided glazing chicken and serving it with a mixed green salad (maybe a peppery green like arugula to off see the sweetness) would be perfect.

Let's talk Meatloaf. Michelle makes the best meatloaf I've ever had. The last couple have been inspired by her hatch chili journey she and our family member Alissa took to Santa Fe.

However, since we found and sampled this really complex Green Tomato Relish from Serenity Farm, we couldn't wait to try it on the meatloaf. It would be perfect on a burger (think tomato jam), or a meatloaf sandwich for next day leftovers. And we all know you can't have meatloaf without potatoes, so we're serving up a sweet potato mash on the s

Finally, we're heading to the grill with a steak. If you've never rubbed a steak in coffee, it really gives a unique and deep flavor to a good, juicy medium rare steak. So, inspired by that, we're going to take this "Sweet Heat" Cocoa from Serenity Farm and try it as a rub. Why not right? Just the other night I had steak tips in an incredible mole, which has chocolate notes, so the cocoa should work, yes?

Okay, so let's do this. Pictures and recipes to follow.

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